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No Limit Holdem Poker Game Guide (Pre-Flop Opening Ranges)

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Poker Game Position –

Let me ask you a question. If you have to potentially play vs. six opponents will you play poker game a wider range of hands or a tight range of hands with only premium hands? If you answered a tighter range of hands then you are correct.

We play tighter from early positions in poker game and wider from later position because when we are in an early position we might have to fight for the POT against multiple opponents whereas if we are in late position, for Example, the BTN and everyone ahead of us have folded we know for sure that we will at most get two opponents the small blind and the big Blind. Furthermore, post-flop we will be last to act, we can base our decisions on what the small blind and the big blind did and factor that into our decision of poker gaming tables.

Let’s look at the recommended hand ranges of poker game to play from each position pre-flop as a raise first in. (The range illustration is in a software equilab which is a free tool available online you can check it here )


Standard poker game or poker table is where most people are playing optimally. On these tables, most opponents will follow the norms of the game and won’t get out of line.

Loose poker game or poker table is where most of our opponents are playing a lot of hands. Multiway pots will be common in these tables.

Tight poker game or tight poker table is when most of our opponents are folding a lot more than optimal.

Poker  Game Wisdom

Play tight when everyone is loose. Play loose when everyone is tight

In keeping with this theme, we shall examine the hand ranges that need to be played in order to exploit either overfolding (Tight Players) or over calling (loose players)

Poker Game Under the Gun – UTG

Standard table

poker game

All then hands in deep blue can be raised in a standard 6 max poker game.

Raise Size – 3 times the big blind. So if the Big blind is 2 and u have AJo then you raise to 6

Tight Table

poker game

If you notice in a tight table of poker games, we are playing a lot of suited connectors like T9s. The reason is a tight table is where your opponents fold a lot hence you can exploit that by opening wider with hands that play well post-flop. With hands like T9s, you can flop a flush draw a straight draw and get value from your tight opponents who would continue with strong top pairs. This also makes you a difficult opponent to play against.

Raise size – You can get away by raising more hands to a 2.5 times big blind size. This is because your opponents are tight and fold more hence you don’t need to make it 3x to make them fold often.

Loose Table

poker game

On a loose table, you should be opening the tightest and play the lesser hands. Your opponents hate folding and hence you will have to play pots and will have to dominate them in these pots.
Example – You are playing AQo and your opponent decides to play QTo. Flop comes Q high. He has top pair and won’t be able to fold. While you scoop the pot with top pair and a better kicker.

Raise size –
You profitably raise 3 times to 4 times the big blind. Since your opponents hate folding you can exploit them by raising a large size. So as in the above example when you have AQ you want to play a large pot vs QT and to make the pot large you raise bigger. It is not recommended to raise very big and make your opponent fold QT so adjust according to your opponents.


Poker Game Middle Position or MP

This position is very similar to UTG but you have one player on whom you have position that’s UTG. So you can widen up a little but very marginally

Let’s look at the hand ranges

Standard Poker Games

poker game

As you can see we have added very few hands in comparison to UTG range

Raise Size remains the same.


Tight Poker Game Table

poker game

On a tight table from the CO, we are almost playing 1 out of 2 hands dealt with us.
Raise Size remains consistent
Loose table –

Raise Size remains consistent

Loose Poker Game Table

Cut-off or CO in Poker Game

On the CO we can take more liberties when folded to us. We are out of position to the Button and in position to the rest of the table hence we play a lot of hands from this position.
Let’s look at the ranges

Standard Poker Table

Raise size remains constant

Tight Poker Table

Loose Poker Table

Button or BU in Poker Gaming

Most regular players will tell you that their favorite position is the button and correctly so. On the button, you are in position to the entire table with no one to act after you. Information is money in this game and you have the most information. You see the action of the entire table before formulating a response. On this button, it is correct to play any playable hand. Let’s see the recommended ranges below.

Standard Poker Game Table

Tight Poker Game Table

Loose Poker Game Table


Small Blind OR SB in Poker Gaming

If it gets folded to you on the SB you have just one opponent the BB or Big Blind. So can we be as loose as we are from the BTN or possibly looser because there is just one opponent rather than two that the button has?

No, we can’t and the reason is after the flop opens we have to act first unlike the button who acts last after he has gathered the information on every opponent.
Let’s look at ranges

Standard Table


We are reasonably loose however not as much as the button.

Poker Game Tight Table

Poker Game Loose table

This concludes our discussion on opening ranges. We will publish the Three betting and calling ranges soon. We will also have articles on other aspects of poker game, from Table selection to mental game, how to study, when to play, etc. Stay tuned here




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