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Overview of Adda52 Poker Site

Adda52 review: poker paradise for all gamblers!

Asian online poker is now growing faster than European, as evidenced by Adda52. This is India’s largest poker room, with high traffic, regular tournaments, and a loyalty program (this is very atypical for Indian online poker rooms).

The resource is ideal for users who would like to figure out how to play poker in a different region. It is believed that traffic in Asia is “easy” to win because the overall rate of players is lower than in Europe and America. However, the Adda52 poker room is also worthwhile because it features completely unique software. The poker room’s developers provide users with custom software and interfaces; you will not play on another variation of software from them.

We will take a glance at how you can play Indian online poker, receive incentives, and load software on your computer in this Adda52 review.

Adda52 poker room characteristics

A contemporary style isn’t represented on the official Adda52 website. And this initiative is odd, given that the poker room was founded in 2011 – it was already time to redesign several times.

However, updating the design is not necessary for a variety of reasons, including the fact that many users immediately download more modern-looking applications for smartphones or software for PCs. Furthermore, such an interface is much easier to understand; players will be able to find an interesting section for themselves in a few minutes with a couple of clicks.

Design of Adda52 Website

Adda52 registration

The developers of the Adda52 poker room decided not to burden their customers with unnecessary actions, so the Adda52 login process will not only take a lot of time but will also be as easy as possible because you will need to enter a minimum amount of basic information about yourself. To get started, go to the official website of the company and click the registration button. In the pop-up window, you will need to enter your phone number, to which you will later receive an SMS code to activate your account, as well as a name, invented password, and an existing promo code to receive a welcome bonus. Any minute now you will receive an Sms code that you will need to enter and that’s it, the Adda52 login process has successfully come to an end!

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Adda52 games variety

Texas Hold’em. On Adda52 rummy, you can play the most popular type of poker in the world, Texas Hold’em. Each player is dealt two personal cards and five community cards face down on the game table in Hold’em. In poker, the player must collect the best possible combination of five cards from any combination of seven cards. Combinations in poker can be made with one or both closed cards, or with all five community cards but no closed cards. Play free poker online at Adda 52 and use this option to win big.

Hold’em++. Adda52 Rummy has introduced a new version of online poker Texas Holdem called Hold’em++. The flop and turn are dealt 2-2 cards on the table in this variant, and the rest of the rules are the same as in Texas Hold’em.

Omaha Pot Limit. This is the world’s second most popular type of online poker. Each player is dealt four personal cards and five community cards face down on the ‘board’ in this online poker game. Furthermore, the player must create the best five-card combination possible by using two of his personal cards and three of the five community cards.

Crazy Pineapple. This is another Texas Hold’em variant in which the player is dealt three closed cards and must discard one after the flop. The betting structure is the same as it is in Texas Hold’em. The name “crazy pineapple” comes from the fact that the game is based on the craziness factor, which is that it sees the flop and gives players more chances to create several strong hands until they discard their weakest card. Explore this amazing poker variant by playing poker on Adda52 rummy!

Download Adda52 on your computer

For a more convenient game, you should most likely install an official Adda52 app. The developers of Adda 52 have created excellent software for Windows and macOS. This means you can use your laptop or personal computer to experiment with any operating system.

On the main page of the official website, there is a link to download the Adda52 program. There are four software links under the main slide (two for mobile and two for desktop). Simply click on the link that corresponds to your device and download the distribution.

Start the classic setup procedure after downloading the file and accept the default settings (they can be changed later).

Keep in mind that you must use the account that you have already created to access the program. Multiple accounts that access the resource from the same IP address are not permitted in Adda52; multi-accounts are also not permitted.

The PC client includes all of the features needed to play online poker at Adda52. There are Omaha tables (the most popular destination), tournaments, and several options for playing Chinese poker, among other things. You can access your favorite poker games with a few mouse clicks.

To begin a full-fledged game, you must first register. This is possible both through the Winner client for real money and through the room’s official website. The info on registration procedure you can find above.

You can proceed with account verification right away; without it, you will be unable to withdraw funds from your gaming account.

Available apps at Adda52

Adda52 App

There has recently been an increase in the number of mobile poker players. Adda52 poker room follows the trend and releases mobile software for smartphone players. Unfortunately, the Adda52 app for mobiles is only available for Android. On iOS, there is no specialized software.

Perhaps the restriction is related to an AppStore application verification policy. In any case, iPhone users, while unable to load Adda52 apk files to their device, can use the Instant Play function, which allows them to play a game directly from a mobile browser with a flash player enabled. It is enabled by default in Safari.

If you have an Android device, simply click on the corresponding icon on the site’s main page to install a mobile poker room. You can either download Adda52 apk file to your computer and then transfer it to your smartphone, or you can log in from your phone and load the Adda52 apk file directly from the website.

The official Adda52 app for mobile devices includes all of the features of the desktop client and web version. Without any limitations, smartphone software can become your primary gaming interface.

Adda52 offers

The abundance of bonus offers is a nice feature that sets this poker room apart from competitors in Asia. In addition to ongoing promotions, new promotions for the week, season, or month are added to the official website on a regular basis. The bonuses from this poker room and Adda52 offers are discussed further below.

Race in the Ace Race tournament

The poker room itself hosts tournaments with a guaranteed prize pool regularly. There are also “races,” such as this one. Users who participate in regular Adda52 poker tournaments earn extra points as part of the latter. The user receives a bonus of 200,000 Indian rupees for finishing first in the action.

To earn points, simply participate in one of the Adda52 tournaments for real money (the list is updated on the official website). Throughout the promotion, the leaderboard is updated on a regular basis, and you can track your tournament position.

The official website contains a detailed description of the bonuses offered by the room. In September, payments are made every ten days to the top nine players in the standings. All players who bet real money in one of the room’s tournaments are eligible to compete in the race; no additional buy-in is needed.

Challenges (“Catch the card”)

Not only do simple perks emerge on Adda52 on a regular schedule, but so do player challenges. This format is similar to a quest but far more engaging. Assume that during September, users received bonuses for winning with cards that they stumbled upon every day in the bonus segment.

How does it function? Every day, a gambler inadvertently pulled out a pair of cards needed to complete the challenge. If it is a king and an ace, the user must win once with a pair of ace and king and twice with a king and an ace, respectively, in the showdown. Other weekly challenges are much more difficult and interesting as part of this challenge. The user receives 600 bonus points for successfully completing the test, which can be used in tournaments. Participation in such challenges is free – the only requirement is a positive bank account.

A competition for “Bosses” 

This is a large regular tournament with games every day of the week and a gradual increase in buy-in. Participation requires a minimum contribution of 500 Indian rupees. In the event of victory, the player receives 20,000 Indian rupees and the title of “Boss.”

Every week, a winner is chosen (each tournament is a new challenge with a separate buy-in and the opportunity to earn points). The standings are automatically updated throughout the promotion.

Promo codes

In contrast to European poker rooms, you can obtain a promotional code on Adda52 by studying all sections of the official website. Valid promo codes for free poker room tournament tickets are frequently found in the promotions section. For example, certain tournament distributions allow you to obtain three tickets at once. The most important thing is to remember the tournament date and match time. The money received from such tickets must be wagered before it can be withdrawn – the wager depends on the tournament and the type of free Adda52 ticket offers.

Adda52 ticket offers

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a seat at the big table. Adda52 is giving you the chance to earn free tickets to Godfather XI, The Ballers, Mega Suits, and Big Slick by making deposits.

Adda52 rake and rakeback

There is no Rakeback on Adda52 in the traditional sense. However, users are anticipating a generous loyalty program for all users who have replenished their deposits at least once in the poker room.

By the way, the resource’s loyalty program is very interestingly designed. This is not just a list of levels and points required to advance to the next one, but an entire adventure map in which players visit “clubs” rather than levels. Let’s take a closer look at the circumstances.

Every player who has made at least one deposit participates in the loyalty program. To accumulate points, any hands – poker, rammy (Indian card game), cash tables, and tournaments – participate in the promotion. It is not enough to simply place bets on X amount to earn points to advance to the next level. Everything is a little more complicated in Adda52.

To advance to the club’s second level, you must wager 3,000 rupees. The amount for the transition increases by a certain percentage with each subsequent level. Users in each group of the loyalty program receive Crate bonuses. Such bonuses are only available under certain conditions.

Users can exchange loyalty points for exclusive rewards that change on a regular basis, in addition to instant bonuses and additional tournament tickets. It could be Apple products, laptops, or even a car. On the Adda52 website, click on the Adda52 Advantage link for more information on the loyalty program.

Adda52 customer care

The customer care of Adda52 will not spoil your opinion about this poker room. If you have any questions, you can contact its workers and be sure that the answer will come immediately. 

To solve all the pressing problems, you can use one of three ways to contact Adda52 customer care. The easiest and also the least time-consuming and energy-consuming is to contact via live chat support. It works 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, so you will be able to return to your game without delay. Your application will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis, but as practice shows, it will not take much time. Two more options are to use e-mail or mobile phone, but in this case, your situation will be considered only during working hours, that is, from 12 to 10 pm.