Texas Hold'em Poker Rules, Hands, Terms and Tips
Texas holdem poker overview

Texas Hold’em, the most popular form of real money poker!

Poker is one of the most popular card games around the world. Millions of people play poker and make real money from it. The game came to us in the 16th century and nowadays there are a few variations. For example Stud, 3 card poker, Omaha, and Open Chinese, but the most popular is Texas Holdem Poker.  

Since we live in the 21st century, fans of this card game can play Texas Holdem poker online, without going to land-based casinos. Almost every licensed and trustworthy online casino offers players this opportunity. You will not only be able to gain gaming experience and hone your skills, but you will also be able to earn money while doing so. If you’re new to the game, you’re probably wondering: how do you become a pro? This article will give you all the information you need to do just that. Since Texas Poker is by far the most common and sought-after game, here’s how to get started.

What do you need to know about Texas Hold’em?

The first thing you should know is that if you have a good grasp of Texas Holdem poker rules, you should have no trouble learning the rules of other versions of the game, as many other variations evolved from Texas Holdem. Secondly, you should have a good understanding of the game, as well as the terms and winning combinations, in order to outplay your opponents. In the sections below, you will get all the information you need. 

Basic texas poker terms 

If you’re new to the game and want to become a true poker pro, the first place to start is to learn the main game terms. We’ll give you a little cheat sheet to help you better understand the game:

  • Pot

In other words, this is the pot which is wagered during the game. It is made up of all bets placed by the players and awarded to the winner at the end of the game. If there is more than one winner the pot is divided equally.

  • Ante

A random, mandatory bet, which determines the initial Pot. 

  • Buy-In

The amount of money, which must be paid in order to join the “Game” in order to join the “Game”. 

  • Blind

The Blind is either Large or Small. These are the mandatory bets placed by the players to the left of the Dealer. The first player to the left of the dealer makes a big blind, and the next player, who is seated away from the dealer, makes a small blind. The blinds are called before the players receive their cards.

  • Button

A white Chip indicates the Dealer’s role in the Hand.

  • All-In

Betting all the money the player has on the Hand. 

  • Hands

Combinations of cards.

  • Hole Cards

Private Hole Cards, which are dealt with by the players on the first leg of the Hand.

  • Freeroll

A free poker tournament played for real money. 

  • Fold

To pass or discard cards.

  • Check

Intentional omission of a move by a player.

  • Call

An equalization of an opponent’s Bet.

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Winning Card Combinations 

Knowing your winning card combinations in your hand will get you closer to winning. This way you can bluff, know exactly which move to make and develop your own strategy. And since the combinations that we will be listing below are not only used in the Texas Holdem poker game, but also in many other games, you will find it useful to know them. There are a total of 10 winning combinations. In the table below you can find out their names and the value of the cards:

Royal FlushA combination of five cards in denominations from 10 to Ace
Straight FlushA combination of five consecutive cards of the same suit
Four of a KindA five-card combination that necessarily contains four cards of the same denomination
Full HouseA combination of 3 cards of one face value and two cards of another face value
FlushFive cards of the same suit
StraightFive consecutive cards of the same suit
Three of a kindThree of five cards of the same face value
Two pairTwo pairs of cards of the same face value
PairTwo of five cards of the same face value
High CardThe highest card in the combination and the suits can be different. 
texas holdem poker hand ranking

How to play Texas Holdem poker

Once you grasp the basic terms and learn the winning card combinations, it’s time to get to grips with the rules of the game. They’re not complicated, so to make things easier for you, we’ll walk you through the gameplay step by step. 

In Hold’em, we use a deck of 52 cards. The number of people at the table can range from 2 to 9. At the very beginning of the game, the participants of the table are dealt 2 hole cards each. Then 5 hole cards are dealt with the table, which is called Community Cards. The game is played clockwise, where the player who sits on the left side of the dealer’s button starts. Each round, this button moves one step to the left. The big and small blinds are placed alternately by the two players to the left of the button. After the blinds are placed and the pocket cards dealt, bidding begins. There are four rounds of bidding, where the fifth round decides the winner. Let’s look at this in detail:

  1. Preflop.

This round of bidding occurs when the players each hold 2 face cards.

  1. Flop.

The next round of bidding, when the first 3 Community Cards are dealt on the game table.

  1. Turn.

A round in which 4 Community Cards are dealt on the Table.

  1. River.

The final round, in which the last Community Card is dealt.

  1. Showdown.

A showdown in which the winner is determined by the Strongest Hand.

Knowing the rules of the game, you can easily immerse yourself in the gameplay and understand which move to make. For example, to bet, call, raise, check or fold. In addition, you’ll be able to build your own strategy by evaluating the odds and probabilities, as well as relying on the value of the cards in your hand. 

Main objective of the game

The aim of a game of Texas Hold’em is to make the best combination of five cards. Your winning hand can include 2 personal cards and 3 community cards, or one personal card and 4 community cards. Also, remember that everyone in the game is allowed to bluff. This increases the chances of winning the pot with a weak hand by forcing opponents to discard a stronger hand. 

Best Poker Sites in India

There are an incredibly large number of online gambling platforms available today. However, when choosing a platform where you will want to play Texas Hold’em or other varieties of poker, make sure that the company has the necessary gaming license to ensure the game is legal in India. So you don’t waste time looking for a reliable and trusted site, we’ve done it for you. We compared several dozen online poker platforms and selected a few that meet our requirements. Namely: availability of gaming licenses, large range of poker games, legality in India, the safety of players, availability of reliable payment systems for withdrawal of winnings and so on. Thus, we are ready to provide you with the following list of the best poker sites in India, and these are:

All of the poker games on these sites are presented by the best game software developers, such as Evolution Gaming, Play’N Go, NetEnt, Microgaming, etc. Playing any type of poker here, you can not only have a great time but also make a decent profit. And if you are new to poker card games, these platforms give you the opportunity to hone your skills by playing for free. Plus, each of these poker sites has a live dealer section where you can play with a live dealer! 

Tips for playing poker from the pros

Many players who have gone pro were also once beginners. And you too have every chance of becoming a poker shark. Today, many experts in this card game give some important tips, following which you will start to not only play the game well but also win the pot. So:

  1. Learn your winning card combinations so you can analyze the situation immediately and make the right move;
  2. Learn to bluff, because sometimes bluffing will win the pot with a weak hand, forcing your opponents to surrender;
  3. Try not to show your emotions at the table, thereby forcing your opponent to wonder what cards you have in your hand.

These are the basic and most important tips for aspiring poker players to keep in mind. We hope you’ll do well and become a true professional!


What is the best possible hand in Texas Hold’em?

A royal flush is a winning possible combination of cards. This is a very rare hand that you will get the chance to make. 

Can I play poker freeroll?

Sure, there are no barriers to doing so. However, you are advised to sharpen your skills before participating in tournaments as they are usually played by strong contestants.

What are the different types of Texas Poker?

There are three different versions in total. They are Fixed (where bets are limited), Pot Limit (where the maximum bet is determined by the size of the pot), No Limit (where the maximum bet is limited by the size of the player’s stack).

Can I play poker on the sites listed in the review, via a mobile app?

Yes, because each of the gaming platforms we have listed has a dedicated mobile app, which works correctly on Android and iOS operating systems and fully replicates the functionality of the official website.